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Daniel X Lights Out
by James Patterson

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Lights Out is the sixth book in the Daniel X series, the book focuses on the murdering of Daniels parents by the number one most evil and menacing villain in the entire galaxy,known as The Prayer who has god-like powers, but Daniel has powers too, He can shape-shift, teleport, create anything he wants too with the power of his thought and imagination. This book keep my attention throughout the whole story, as it has a very interesting plot and the characters in the story are very expressive when showing emotions such as fear, courage, love and many more. Which really helps the book be more interesting, page by page. I would recommend this book to students in the 7th to 8th grade, as it is a very good boredom killer.

Full Catastrophe Living Revised Edition
by John Kabat-zinn

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A very informative and helpful book on the benefits of mindfulness in maintaining health. Full of so much helpful information for people who may be experiencing a range of health concerns

I Have Lost My Way
by Gayle Forman

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This book has felt like somewhat of a gift to me. Gayle Forman beautifully tells the story of three teenagers whose lives are brought together by a strange accident, and end up spending the day together. All of them, having lost something or someone close to them, lift each other up and help each other get through their problems. The writing, plot, characters, and message of the story are so thoughtfully put together and are all so astonishing, that I spent the whole day after the morning reading the book thinking about how, at some point, everybody thinks their life is meaningless.

The Music Of What Happens
by Bill Konigsberg

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The book "The Music of What Happens" is definitely one I enjoyed reading. The book was able to make me laugh and capture what a nostalgic summer in Arizona would feel like. This book was filled with funny moments and character developments that I could personally relate to. It also doesn't go unnoticed how the book manages to bring to light the serious mental effects sexual assault victims face and that no means no regardless of age,size, race, or any other factor. This book brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes and I definitely recommend that others take the time to read it.

Dark Sacred Night Michael Connelly
by Michael Connelly

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very good, kept my interest all the way through. Can't wait to read the next.

Pretty Revenge Short Storis in Punjabi
by Junail Singh Garcha

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The generation gap in the life of immigrant families is very well shown by the other.

Walk the Edge
by Katie Mcgarry

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He’s a tough biker, part of the Reign of Terror motorcycle club. She’s a responsible, straight A student. Read Walk the Edge, a Thunder Road Novel by Katie McGarry to explore how an unfortunate event brings them together to fight their demons. Published in 2016, Walk the Edge is the second installment in the Thunder Road Series- preceded by Nowhere but Here, and followed by Long Way Home. Katie McGarry excellently navigates through the points of view of Breanna Miller, the good girl, and Thomas “Razor” Turner, the bad boy. Simply put, Walk the Edge is a realistic novel for teens filled with themes of romance and angst. McGarry minces no words when describing Razor and Breanna’s feelings towards life and each other. Breanna Miller is tired. She’s tired of being the responsible one, the fifth in a line of 9 brothers and siblings, the one forgotten and she’s definitely sick of fellow senior Kyle Hewitt begging her to write his papers for her. When Breanna decides to wade in dangerous territory (metaphorically, as she’d insist on clarifying) she finds herself in a compromising position with Razor. Kyle leverages a photo of the two of them, one that seems like more happened that it did, to blackmail Breanna. Razor has his own demons to fight, the death of his mom still haunting him. Raised by the Reign of Terror and his father, he’s been raised to believe it’s an accident. But he knows what the world thinks- that his mom drove off a bridge, unable to deal with his father and the club, unable to bear with him. So, when a detective shows up with evidence to believe it was a murder that took his mom from him, Razor is torn between his promise to trust the club and his hunt for answers. The two decide to work together, for mutual benefit. Razor gets her out of this mess, and Breanna helps him find the answers he so desperately wants. As they go about this journey, they find themselves discovering something new. Love. This is a must read for teens who are into the kind of stories that make your heart race and your imagination soar.

One For The Murphys
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

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This book is based on 12-year-old Carley Connors who lives in Las Vegas with her mom and abusing stepfather, Dennis. When things get out of control with Dennis Carley and her mom, Carley is sent to live with the Murphys, a foster care family. Dennis is sent to jail and her mother is in the hospital recovering.

The Bakers Apprentice
by Valerie Holmes

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Molly Mason dreams of escaping from the suffocation of her life with her step mother,Mrs Cecil’s Creswell and her daughter Juniperby becoming an apprentice

Shattered Glass
by Teresa Toten

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This book is about a girl who was in a foster home and she had to move out because their was a fire and they had no where to puther because was overage. She went to Toronto to find out about her parents .she thought that her favourite artist was her father becuase she oved misic. Honestly i think you should read this book if you like mystery

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