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by Cheryl Strayed

Love this story so much, both the book and the movie are great! Amazing story, about the strength and determination it can take to decide the person who you would like to be.

Perfect storm
by Lori Foster

2nd book that im reading of hers...trully love reading about the hot sexy strong alphas..its really easy to loose your self and forget the time reading lori fosters the suspence and always lots of hot romance and you just cant put it down and before you know it you have finished the least thats how it was for me...i think i have found favourite author....its a must read for has everything...

Savor The Danger Lori Foster
by Lori Foster

Wow love her book...loved the suspence and the romance...i really enjoyed reading this book...i found it was really easy to get into the book and loved the characters right away and it was a really nice page turner...will be reading more of her books for sure

Obsession Falls
by Christina Dodd

I was really looking forward to reading this one....loved the suspence in it wished there was a bit more... But still enjoyed it

Virtue Falls Series By Christina Dodd
by Christina Dodd

I really enjoyed this book and looking forward to the next one...i found it was interesting to fallow and loved the characters...i found it a reall page turner and looking forward to reading obsession falls

Station Eleven
by Emily St. John Mandel

A welcome reprieve from typical dystopian narratives, more focused on how humanity persists in time of crisis as opposed to how it collapses; the harmful tropes of disabled characters were very tedious though and the character in question was little more than backstory fodder.

The Leavers
by Lisa Ko

This book deals with the politics of identity in a frank way, refreshingly steering clear of romantic notions of diaspora. Said tone paints a varied, deeply felt story that has no easy endings, which makes it all the better.

So Terrible A Storm
by Curt Brown

Transporting the reader back in time to life in 1905 on the largest freshwater lake, this book is a perfect candlelit read for stormy summer evenings. Planning a trip up to Lake Superior Provincial Park, Pukaskwa National Park, or Sleeping Giant Provincial Park? Make sure you bring this book along and enjoy the read as you camp next to Lake Superior herself!

The Bees
by Laline Paull

Amazing behind the scene perspective, you will never look at a beehive the same way again. I chose this book, because I have decided to start keeping honeybees as a hobby and thought it would be a fun read, but ended up learning quite a bit about the inner workings of a beehive and the many roles and responsibilities within the Bee colony.

That Time I Loved You
by Carrianne Leung

A good insight to everyday life and beyond. Brought back memories of growing up in Toronto.
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