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by Melissa Grey

The book Rated is an intriguing book written by Melissa Grey. It was published on September 3, 2019. Mellisa Grey, who wrote her first short story at the age of twelve, is quite known for being the author of The Girl at Midnight trilogy and the book Rated. Reading this book was quite amazing as it is mostly filled with mystery and is also from the perspective of all the main characters. So, I would recommend this book to readers who like to read short stories filled with excitement and suspense and who are around 11 years old and up. This book mainly focuses on a dystopian world where Rating is everything. The higher your rating, the more valued you are. The lower it drops, the less valued you are. Everything you do, every action you take, every decision you make contributes to how you are rated. And this is very important because good rating means good college and good college means good life. So to have a good life, you must work very hard to improve your rating. But when an event occurs at Maplethorpe Academy, which includes someone vandalizing the front doors of the school by writing “The Ratings Are Not Real” in bright red paint, it sets off a chain reaction that affects and shakes the lives of six particular students. These students include Ben Johnson, the Golden Child, who has one of the highest ratings in the school; Chase Donovan, the Pitcher, who is one of the best athletes in school; Noah Rainier, the Photographer, who happens to be very shy; Javi Lucero, the Gamer, who is one of the most popular students; Hana Sakamoto, the Ice-Skater, who has been the most determined out of all; and Tamsin Moore, the Witch, who has always been against the Rating System. So when they all find themselves investigating the same notes they were all given with a cryptic message on them, they then realize that they all have to work together to figure out everything that has happened to them in the last few months. I have really liked reading this book, especially because of the characters as they were very interesting and well-constructed. Therefore, It was quite amazing to have been able to look at the same world from six different perspectives and see them all coming together for the same purpose despite their differences. And not only the characters but the plot was also intriguing. A world where your life literally depends on a number was something that really interested me. And as I read the book, I saw how much that number affected the lives of these characters, and how much they all had to struggle because of it. And to be able to cope with those struggles, it takes a lot of work. And I think that their past experiences have given them that strength and that courage to get through all the difficult things in their lives. And because of the plot and all the personalities and characteristics of these characters, I have really enjoyed reading Rated. Overall, I would suggest every reader who is 11 years old or up (or around that age) and who likes to read books with suspense and mystery to read this engaging dystopian novel as I have found the characters, the plot, their society, and the book very interesting.

American Royals
by Katherine Mcgee

This book is told in four different perspectives. Kicking off the story is Princess Beatrice; the heir to the throne and America's first future queen regnant. Everyone loves her. The public thinks she's perfect, never stepping a toe out of line. When her parents insist that it is time for her to find a husband, Beatrice agrees and selects a boy from the curated list of options her parents provided. Her heart isn’t in it though, not when she's without the boy that she really wants. A few chapters later, the story is continued from the perspective of Princess Samantha; Beatrice’s younger sister and twin sister to prince Jefferson. Nobody cares about Samantha. In the public's eyes, she's the spare. She's never going to get the throne with perfect Beatrice next in line. Samantha lives life like it’s a party with no obligations, she is free to do whatever she wants, and gets whatever she wants. Or almost everything. Beatrice has the one thing Samantha wants, but won’t get. Then there's Nina, Samantha's best friend. Nina is just like every other girl. Goes to a good college with a scholarship, has a part time job, and has fun friends. Her life seems pretty great. It was, until the graduation party. That was when she realized that she ? like almost every other girl in America ? is in love with Prince Jefferson, Samathas brother. But why would Jeff ever want her when he already has the perfect girlfriend? Daphne Deighton, Jeff's girlfriend, is the complete opposite of Nina. They are only alike in the fact that they both want to be with Jeff. Daphne for totally different reasons than Nina. She only wants to be with Jeff for the fame. Daphne is aiming to be American royalty, and will stop at nothing to get it. The public loves her and also wants her to be a princess as well. However, there is one secret that she has told no one. If it’s ever revealed, she might lose her only shot at being with Jeff. Filled with intrigue and romance, American Royals an epic, modern day, royalty book to read!

the bodies we wear
by Jeyn Roberts

The book I’m now reviewing is called “The Bodies We Wear” by Jeyn Roberts published in 2014. Faye goes on a journey, a literal and mental one. I’d recommend this book because of what she learns, what she can teach, because of how unique Jeyn Roberts writes (maybe because she has a degree in Psychology?). Faye has depth, truth, parts of her you hope to relate to other times relieved you're not, wondering “how strong is this girl really?!”. This is the tone of the book BUT there's another side. Bet you didn’t know I learned the word “Nonchalant” from J. Roberts and Faye, “Nonchalant” and the expression “I’m so drenched I feel like a wet dog”. This book can connect with feelings you may not be able to talk about at home, deep anger, a driven hustle, being in a state of vulnerability with someone etc. This book also comes with a SOUNDTRACK isn’t that one better than reading the summary at the back of a book!! For example, two songs from the playlist are “Run to You” by Pentatonix “The Point of No Return” by Immortal Technique. This book teaches you how powerful your mind can really be. If you prefer living the “ignorance is bliss life” I don’t blame you, but reading this book may help someone you know who doesn’t have that option and they have to go through many tough, tiring days. That’s the reason I picked this book and Jeyn Roberts didn’t disappoint.

The Queen Of Nothing
by Holly Black

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read! I loved the part where Cardan explains the phrasing he used when he exiled Jude. I’m overjoyed that the pair ended up together despite the chaos with Cardan exiling Jude and turning into a serpent. Unlike the previous books in the series, this one was intriguing from page one (the others were boring for the first few chapters). Not only is it a beautiful romance, it’s also filled with family drama, political schemes, and fantasy. It is the perfect conclusion to a wondrous fantasy series. Holly Black did a wonderful job writing this novel and this book is a must read for anyone who enjoyed the Mortal Instruments Series and/or the Red Queen series. Also, anyone who read the first two books in the Folk of Air trilogy, make sure you don’t miss the amazing conclusion! Last but not least, I’d like to say that I usually don’t write such detailed reviews for any book, but this one was so wonderful, I couldn’t help myself! This book must have taken tremendous creativity, thought, and effort to put together which is why I admire Holly Black for writing it. The Queen of Nothing is a must-read for all fantasy lovers!

The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe
by C.S Lewis

It was an easy read. It's short but it's still got enough action and suspense towards the end of the book. What I liked most about this book is that all the scenes are easy to imagine and the pictures added in the book also make that easier. I would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy fiction action books.

by Veronica Roth

I have only read the first book in the divergent series, and I really really don't like it. I know its really popular and lots of people love it, but I disagree. I think its just a bad rip-off of the hunger games. To be fair, I did enjoy the first half of the book, but the second half completely ruined it. The second half was basically just romance instead of dystopian. I also found the main character very confusing. One minute she's naive and kind, the next minute she's super aggressive and doesn't go to her friend's funeral. I really suggest skipping this book if you're looking for a good dystopian or anything at all.

An Ember In The Ashes
by Sabaa Tahir

An ember in the ashes is the first book in a 4 book series. I just finished reading it and I understand why people love it. Its chapters alternate in two characters points of view. These two characters are Laia and Elias. I really love both of these characters so much! Laia is a scholar. Elias is an elite warrior training to kill scholars and such. Each of them is from the opposite end of the line, but their paths entwine. This story is wonderfully written and its just so great!

Please Look After Mom
by Kyung Sook Shin

An excellent and award winning book, but not one that met my tastes. However, its a captivating story told from four separate perspectives, all members of the same family. The familial dilemma is extremely nuanced and relatable and it also provides a glimpse into South Korea.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fck Paperback
by Mark Manson

Manson's blunt and straightforward attitude really manages to get his point across. This is a self-help book like none other. It taught me so much about making the right choices and taking responsibility in order to live a more grounded and stable life. Definitely a must read that debunks the tradition "hacks" of self-help and gives you the ruthless but valuable truth.

Yesterday I Was The Moon
by Noor Unnahar

Such a beautiful collection of poems. I really felt like it connected to the first-generation experience by giving words to so many of the diverse emotions and obstacles. However, Unnahar also manages to touch on so many other topics as well about the female experience, very real human struggles, finding strength within yourself, etc.
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